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Prepare Gas Line Extension
How to Prepare for a Gas Line Extension

When extending your home’s gas line to add new appliances, proper planning and preparation is crucial. Make sure existing pipe capacity can handle increased demand, obtain permits, locate lines to avoid, and more. Adhering to critical gas line safety standards ensures your extension goes smoothly.

Store Gas Cylinders Safely
How To Store Gas Cylinders Safely

Gas cylinders must be stored upright, chained down in a secure, well-ventilated area away from flammables and ignition sources. Follow our safety tips like keeping valves closed and handling gently.

Role Gas Fitting Kitchen Renovations
The Role of Gas Fitting in Kitchen Renovations

During kitchen renovations, gas fitters safely install new appliances and alter existing gas lines. Their expertise ensures appliances are properly connected to avoid leaks or accidents. Engage a qualified gas fitter for peace of mind. Call us today for your kitchen renovation gas fitting!

Professional Drain Cleaning - Essential Proper Function
Professional Drain Cleaning - Essential for Proper Function

Professional drain cleaning services use high-pressure water jets to clear obstructions, allowing for faster drainage, elimination of odors and prevention of clogs and leaks over time. Contact us to improve plumbing health.

Effective & Affordable Hotel Pipe Relining
Effective & Affordable Hotel Pipe Relining

Our proven hotel pipe relining seals leaks quickly without disruption. Epoxy barrier coats your old pipes fast. Contact us now for a quote & rapid drain pipe repair you can rely on.

Emergency Plumbing Signs
Emergency Plumbing Signs

Seeing water stains, mould or curling floors? Having issues like foul smells, low water pressure or clogged drains are signs you need urgent plumbing repairs to prevent harm.

Pipe Relining Certification Requirements
Pipe Relining Certification Requirements

When researching pipe relining companies, it’s important they have the proper licensing, training and certifications like CIPP, NSF, ASTM standards. Comparing multiple pipe relining companies on these criteria helps ensure you choose a qualified provider for long-lasting pipe repairs.

Plunger Unblock Drain?
Can A Plunger Unblock A Drain?

A plunger uses hydraulic pressure to forcibly pull water up and push it down, clearing clogged drains. Place the plunger over the drain and pump up and down to remove blockages. For severe clogs call a professional plumber to properly unblock drains.

File Hot Water Warranty Claim
How To File A Hot Water Warranty Claim

If you need to claim warranty coverage for problems with your domestic hot water system, contact our licensed plumbers for professional assistance. We’ll diagnose the issue then help manage the warranty process with the manufacturer on your behalf, getting your hot water back up and running.

Understand Hot Water System Efficiency Ratings
How To Understand Hot Water System Efficiency Ratings

Hot water system efficiency ratings measure energy use. The higher the rating, the more efficient it is. Learn to read the labels so you choose the best system and save.

Gas Lines Inspected?
How Often Should Gas Lines Be Inspected?

To prevent gas leaks and ensure appliances are operating safely, gas lines should be professionally inspected on an annual basis. During the inspection, a qualified technician will check all pipes, connections and appliances for issues.

’ involved upgrading gas meter?
What’s involved in upgrading your gas meter?

Upgrading your gas meter is a simple process completed by qualified technicians. It takes around 15 minutes with no charge. Contact Mascot Plumbing on 1800 000 000 to arrange your gas meter upgrade.

Pipe Patching Pipe Relining
Pipe Patching vs Pipe Relining

Pipe patching and pipe relining offer effective solutions for fixing cracked drainage pipes without full replacement. Patching involves inserting a liner into a small damaged section, while relining coats the inside of long pipe runs. Get in touch to learn which repair method suits your situation.

Clean Relined Pipes
How To Clean Relined Pipes

Discover the professional methods for cleaning newly relined pipes. We use high-pressure water jets to thoroughly clean out any built-up rust, dirt and debris from the relining process. This ensures your new pipes are squeaky clean and built to last for decades.

Hot Water System Considerations Multi-Story Buildings
Hot Water System Considerations for Multi-Story Buildings

Several key factors should guide hot water system selection and design for multi-story buildings, including energy use, water pressure, pipe materials, and system configuration. Centralized boilers with vertical pumping stations help ensure adequate pressure and flow on higher floors.

’ Lifespan Gas Pipeline?
What’s The Lifespan Of A Gas Pipeline?

The average lifespan of a gas pipeline is approximately 50 years. However, with proper maintenance like routine inspections and repairs, pipelines can safely operate for longer. Contact us today to learn about the gas pipes on your property and how to keep them functioning properly.

Pipe relining: minimal disruption
Pipe relining: minimal disruption

Pipe relining offers a long-lasting pipe repair solution without the need for disruptive excavation or pipe replacement. By relining your pipes, we can fix leaks and blockages with minimal disturbance to your business or property.

Tankless Hot Water Systems Deliver Instant Hot Water
How Tankless Hot Water Systems Deliver Instant Hot Water

Tankless or on-demand water heaters rapidly heat water as it flows through the unit, eliminating the need for a storage tank. When you turn on the hot tap, cold water enters the heater and flows across a heat exchanger to be warmed before delivery.

Faster cheaper cooking
Faster and cheaper cooking

Cooking with gas gives you precise temperature control, near instant cooking, energy savings, and often works during power outages. Switching from electric eliminates radiant heat transfer loss for more efficient cooking.

Spot Substandard Plumbing Work
How to Spot Substandard Plumbing Work

Substandard plumbing often involves leaks, incorrect installations, inferior materials or work not up to code standards. If you notice any questionable plumbing work in your home or business, contact a licensed professional right away for an inspection and repairs.

Drainage System Healthy
Keep Your Drainage System Healthy

Prevent future plumbing issues by maintaining a healthy drainage system. Wash pipes weekly with boiling water to dissolve oils. Schedule inspections to catch issues early. Call Mascot Plumbing to keep your drains clear.

Construction debris blocking drains?
Construction debris blocking drains?

During construction projects, materials like concrete, tile grout, wood, and plastic can enter drains. Over time this debris accumulates causing blocked pipes and flooding. Call a professional plumber to clear construction debris from drains before permanent damage.

Long Term Fixes Blocked Drains
Long Term Fixes For Blocked Drains

Constant buildup of grime, fat, hair and food waste can cause severe drain blockages. Effective solutions like boiling water, plungers, drain snakes and natural cleaners help clear debris and prevent future clogs. Our expertise prevents expensive plumbing issues.

updated gas appliance recalls
Keep updated on gas appliance recalls

Keep up-to-date on recalls for potentially dangerous gas appliances like cookers, heaters and water heaters to prevent injuries. Regularly check consumer product safety alerts to ensure recalled items are fixed or replaced.

Drain Hot Water System?
How Do I Drain My Hot Water System?

Draining your hot water system removes sediment, extends its life and provides cleaner hot water. Our guide shows you how to do it in 8 easy steps. Contact Mascot Plumbing to assist.

Plumbers Handle Sewage Backups?
Do Plumbers Handle Sewage Backups?

If you notice signs of a sewage backup like gurgling drains or wastewater pooling, call a professional plumber immediately. They can promptly identify and fix the issue before serious damage occurs.

Hidden Plumbing Issues Avoid Emergencies
Look For Hidden Plumbing Issues to Avoid Emergencies

Unnoticed plumbing problems like leaks and clogs will get worse over time. Call a plumber right away if you see signs of hidden issues to prevent costly damage.

Sump Pump Failure Solutions
Sump Pump Failure Solutions

A sump pump removes water from your basement, but failures cause flooding. Check power outages, debris, frozen pipes and call a plumber for repairs to get it pumping again.

Quality pipe relining Sydney
Quality pipe relining in Sydney

We use state-of-the-art equipment and only the highest quality materials for long-lasting pipe repairs. Contact our team today for an obligation-free quote on our professional pipe relining services in Sydney.

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